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We bekijken graag samen met jou wanneer we je in alle rust kunnen ontvangen. We reageren zo snel mogelijk en met de glimlach op je bericht.

    I am Ilse, your hostess at L’O Reine

    Since my childhood, I have experienced and enjoyed Wellness

    and I am, by everyone who knows me,

    associated with it in the same breath.

    L’O Reine is nurtured

    from years of experiences
    and built with carefully preserved insights.

    L’O Reine connects

    the vision of a tactile and nurturing environment,

    that healingly touches all the senses with sustainability,

    calm, silence, beauty, and style.

    L’O Reine helps you

    to listen even better to yourself through wellness and body warmth,

    relaxing massages, and the essential presence of others close to you.

    L’O Reine warmly sets you on the path

    to discover, strengthen, and cherish ‘your own wellness’ through self-care, thus bringing you closer to your core.

    The different building blocks of L’O Reine

    are reflected in the names of the rooms in L’O Reine:

    Vitality, Balance, Well Being, Connection, Relaxation, and Caring.

    Will you come to discover them?

    Always at your service,