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How does a massage work?

At L’O Reine, we offer a non-erotic relaxation massage designed to deeply relax you, allowing you to fully enjoy our complete wellness package. Here’s how the one-hour massage session proceeds:



Use the restroom and take a shower if you wish, ensuring you feel comfortable during the massage.


At the Start:

You will be welcomed into the massage room. You may choose to lie on the massage table in your underwear or naked. We ask women to remove the top part of their bikini or bra for a proper back massage.
A blanket will cover your entire body to keep you warm, complemented by infrared lamps above the massage table.
We will check if you are comfortable, if you have any pain, or if there are specific considerations we should keep in mind.
Specially curated music will play in the background for your relaxation.


During the Massage:

Different body parts will be exposed and then covered again after being massaged. The massage will start with your feet, moving to your legs, back, shoulders, and neck.

You will then be asked to turn over. We will lift the blanket to ensure your privacy while turning.

The massage will then continue with the front of your body, starting from the feet, legs, arms, hands, shoulders, and ending with a facial massage.


After the Massage:

We will inform you when the massage is complete and leave the room to allow you to slowly get up, put on your robe, and leave the massage room at your leisure.

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