General house rules



The basic rules for a successful stay

  • Take off your shoes when entering L'O Reine
  • Smoke only outside
  • Respect the silence, use the loudspeaker of L'O Reine only inside the house
  • Sort your waste


The extra expenses

  • consumption of the honesty bar
  • the compulsory wellness package with bathrobe and two towels
  • consumption of the charging station at 0,6€/KwH


The house rules in detail

- The vacation house is suitable for max. 10 persons:
The maximum number of 10 people can in no case be exceeded, if you do, we have the right to deny you immediate access to our complex. 
It is not allowed to give other visitors access to the complex if these people have not been paid for and thus booked. Only guests on the guest list are allowed to enter. This will be checked in case of doubt and will always be charged or access will be denied immediately if exceeded. 
The minimum age outside family context is 25 years for renting the accommodation. We always consider the composition of the group. Please supervise children and treat the accommodation with respect. 
Children should never be left unsupervised and all accidents are the responsibility of the parents or a guardian.

- L'O Reine is completely non-smoking. 
Smoking can only be done on the terrace, please throw the butts in the ashtray provided outside. No cigarette butts in the grass or on the grounds.

- Drinking parties, bachelor parties and the like are strictly prohibited. Narcotics are strictly prohibited.
- Pets are not allowed.
- The complex must be left on time. 
- If the departure time is not respected, 50 euros will be charged per half hour started. This measure is necessary to make the house ready in time for the next clients.
- Signal any imperfections to the landlord immediately at the beginning of your stay so that you will not be held liable at the end of the stay. Report any damage at the end of the stay so that the manager can put the house in order for the next guests. 
- In case of damage to the facilities, furniture and/or the complex, all costs of repair, cleaning and/or replacement will be charged to the customer. If the complex has to be closed for this reason, we reserve the right to collect damages of 1000 euros per day in addition to the repair costs to compensate for loss of income.
- Please do not throw anything into the toilets, sinks or other drains please.
- No tampons, sanitary napkins, diapers, panty liners, frying oil, food waste, wet wipes, etc. (This causes severe clogging).
- Please use the protected placemats on the dining tables. 
- French fry or gourmet are prohibited in the property.
- The owner has the right to enter the property at any time during the stay to do technical inspection. In case of unexpected power failure, the owners must be contacted. This is very important as it may cause a disruption of the home automation system.
- The client agrees that he is responsible for the proper use of our facilities. As a result, he himself is responsible for accidents, physical or material damage in our complex. 
- The owner is not responsible for theft or loss resulting from your stay in our vacation villa. 
- Please do not move furniture and electronics. This can cause unnecessary damage and wear of the furniture and floors. 
- After using the wellness, please turn everything off. We take care of climate and environment together with you thanks to manageable energy consumption. 
- Additional consumption above the normal average will be charged. 

- You are staying in a rural environment, we ask not to disturb the peace of the neighbors and to respect the silence in the garden and in the parking lot, especially after 10:00 pm. 
- Your own sound system is not allowed.
- L'O Reine's mobile speaker may only be used indoors. 
- Campfires or fireworks are prohibited on the property.
- Smoking is only allowed on the terrace, please throw the butts in the ashtray provided outside. No cigarette butts in the grass or on the grounds.
- Indoor furniture may not be moved outside.

- Arrival is in principle from 4 pm, unless the owner informed in advance that it can be a little earlier. Notify the owner 30 min before arrival by sms on 0486.05.72.35
- Cars can be parked on the designated parking spaces: maximum 5 cars on the site. Always the same cars.
- Shoes must be removed when entering the cottage. Slippers or slippers must be worn in the cottage. To do our bit for nature, we ask you to provide your own slippers. 
- Wifi is available, its code is "Wellness" (network L'O Reine Guest).
- Free Station consists of: tea, coffee and water. Toilet paper, Kitchen linen, cleaning products are provided. Shampoo and shower gel are stocked for guests during the stay. Beds are made at check-in.
- The honesty bar in the relaxation area operates on a trust basis, you take something and leave exact change. 

- Shoes must be removed when entering the wellness. 
- Wearing slippers or slippers in the wellness is recommended. 
- Barefoot is also an option. 
- To do our part for nature, we ask that you provide your own slippers. 
- Bathrobe, bath towel, large towels and slippers are mandatory when using the wellness area. It is mandatory to rent these at €10 per person per package. (Package: 1 bath towel, 1 towel and 1 bathrobe).
- Only plastic cups may be used in the jacuzzi and pool area. Beverages and food are prohibited in the wet areas, due to the very strict Vlarem II hygiene standards we adhere to. These strict standards guarantee perfect water quality and floor hygiene.
- Always close the jacuzzi and swimming pool at night, this will be shown to you upon arrival. 
- It is strictly forbidden to add products to the spa or pool.

- The complex must be left on time according to agreement. 
- Failure to respect the departure time will be charged 50 euros per half hour started. This measure is necessary to make the house ready in time for the next clients.
- Leaving the house clean.
- Leave the house broomed or cleaned with a central vacuum system.
- Bed linen should be collected on the departure day and collected in the logistics room. Please do not remove mattress pads and pillow protectors.
- Empty trash cans from bathrooms and toilets.
- Garbage should be sorted: Paper and cardboard, PMD and Glass. Empty glass should be taken away by the tenant.
- Close all windows and doors, check that all lights are off. Incl. garden lights.
- Is the dishwasher empty and is everything in place?
- Refrigerator must be empty. Refrigerator and oven must be left cleaned.
- All materials that you have used in the garden and in the vacation home, put back in its original place. 
- Are the jacuzzi and the swimming pool covered? 
- Is the terrace clean?
Final cleaning is included in the price.
If the property is very dirty an extra cost of 200 € will have to be paid, this will be deducted from the deposit if necessary. 
Attention: Extra cost deducted from the deposit:
- Dishwasher emptying: 10 €.
- Emptying the fridge/freezer: 10 €.
- Garbage sorting: 60 € 
- Brush cleaning: 25 € 
- Oven cleaning: 30 €
- Collecting bed linen: 25 €
- Broken glass: 2.50 € per piece
- Extra cleaning due to extra dirt: 200 €.
- Damages and shortages of the inventory according to invoice purchase

If violations of the contract and rules are suspected, the owner has the right to have them observed and to deny the tenant access without refunding the rent. Indeed, as a tenant, you agree to all the rules that are well communicated in advance.

For agreement,
Name Master Booker + signature + date